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We've already had a few applications, but before we decide for sure, we wanted to make sure everyone who wanted to apply gets a chance to!

So, as I'm sure most of you have noticed, Verlidaine and I have been ridiculously busy with college lately, and haven't been able to keep the group as active as we'd like to. Instead of just giving up and shutting down, we're going to see if any of you guys would like to help out!

Admin duties consist solely of accepting and rejecting submissions, and explaining your reasoning only when asked by the person who submitted their art. Yep, that's all you have to do! So, if you're an animal lover, an artist, and are interested in helping out, send a note to MichelleRamey titled "ALC Admin" with...

:bulletblack: The art medium in which you're experienced (traditional, digital, photography, handicrafts, graphic design, etc.)
:bulletblack: Your experience (if any) with running groups, with links to the groups you're an admin of (if relevant)
:bulletblack: How often (on average) you'd be willing to get on and accept/reject deviation submissions

We're looking for at least one admin for each art medium, so don't hesitate to apply!

Thanks everyone,
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July 27, 2012


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